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To Meet Your
Air Quality
Monitoring Needs

Air Quality Management

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Industrial Facilities and Processes

Argos air quality professionals help companies strike a balance between regulatory compliance and the need to remain competitive with cost effective strategies.  We will help you identify, characterize and permit pollution sources, while providing regulatory compliance and auditing expertise.

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Community Health

We are recognized for our innovative approaches to community health assessments to identify possible sources of environmental hazards, developing cost-effective strategies to determine the various risks, educating target audiences, and communicating this information to decision-makers.

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Public Involvement
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Litigation Support

We are experienced in environments where complex and multi-stakeholder issues are addressed.  Argos works with all parties to help them understand one another, develop a shared frame of reference and come to workable, consensus-based and sustainable solutions.

We have extensive experience in providing strategy development and technical support with environmental litigation matters dealing with air quality.  We maintain and integrate an understanding of overarching issues while developing a technically sound and defensible work product.



Year Established




Affiliated Partners


Argos on the World Map
Argos Solar South Africa
Hound South Africa
Scaffolding South Africa
  • Phillips 66 Rodeo Refinery (USA) – Fence-line air monitoring program

  • Phillips 66 Wilmington Refinery (USA) – Fence-line air monitoring program

  • Phillips 66 Carson Refinery (USA) – Fence-line air monitoring program

  • Phillips 66 Santa Maria Refinery (USA) – Fence-line air monitoring program

  • PBF Martinez Refinery (USA) – Fence-line air monitoring program

  • Tesoro Petrochemical (USA) – Fence-line air monitoring program

  • Community of Benicia California (USA), – Community air monitoring program

  • Bazan (Israel) – Fence-line air monitoring program

  • Astron (South Africa) – Fence-line air monitoring program

  • Valero Refining (USA) – Community air monitoring program

  • Shell Global Solutions (USA) – Emission source identification

  • Community of Porter Ranch (USA) - Fence-line and community air monitoring program

  • Anglo Platinum (South Africa) - Operation and reporting on eight air quality monitoring stations

  • Anglo Gold Ashanti (DRC) – Setup of ambient air quality monitoring program

  • Anglo Gold Ashanti (Geita Gold, Tanzania) – Setup of occupational hygiene program

  • Anglo Platinum (South Africa) - Dust fingerprinting impacts from mine sites

  • Dundee Precious Metals (Namibia) - Operation and calibration of five monitoring stations in Namibia

  • Glencore (South Africa) – Emission testing from chrome smelters

  • Katanga Mining (Zambia) - Supply of PM10 sampling equipment

  • Namibian Chamber of Mines (Namibia) - Supply and operation of PM10 and meteorological monitoring systems

  • Newmont Gold (Ghana) – Emission testing

  • Rangold Resources Luolo Mine (Mali) – Emission testing and occupational hygiene testing



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