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At Argos Scientific we manufacture, service, and support our own environmental monitors, and our customers world-wide enjoy the benefits of real-time, on-the-spot analysis. But as we all know, different problems require different solutions, and our integrity will not allow us to sell and market our monitors as the solution for every environmental monitoring need.

Indeed, our years of experience have reinforced the fact that many of our customers’ needs will require additional tools and professional, environmental monitoring services. We have experience utilizing a number of supporting technologies and use field proven instruments as investigative tools.

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Our goal is to provide a customized and comprehensive environmental assessment to suit our customers' needs. While monitoring in itself may not be the remedy for an adverse environmental issue, it is an absolute necessity in determining the right course of action, and it is a key element in overall public health.

Our customers need and expect accurate results. If owning one of our UV based, real-time monitors will provide you with the benefits that you need, our sales staff will be happy to assist you. If your application requires a more general approach, whereby you will benefit from the use of a wide array of investigative tools and our professional service, or if you simply do not know where to start, let our environmental monitoring staff help you with your needs. We know that your environmental issues are important to you, and indeed, clean air is important to us all.

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