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Don Gamiles B&W
Argos Scientific, Inc.

Dr. Gamiles has a BS, in Physics, an MS in Nuclear Engineering, and a PhD in Political Science. He has developed innovative ambient air monitoring systems and manufactured state-of-the-art open-path and portable air monitoring systems used by the chemical industry, regulators, and community organizations.
Mark Baird
Managing Director
Argos South Africa

Mark has a BS in Chemical Engineering, an MS in Energy Engineering, and an
Executive MBA
Axel Abellard
Argos Scientific
North America

Axel has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA from Berkeley. He currently oversees operations in our North American sector of the company.
Brent Olive
Senior Research Scientist

Brent has a Ph.D. in Environmental Health Science, an MSPH in Industrial Hygiene, and a B.S. in General Chemistry/Industrial Hygiene. He deals with QA/QC and routine analysis of real-time data generated by fence-line monitoring systems (UV and IR based) along with technical report writing. He is a Certified Industrial Hygienist, - ABIH and a Chemistry Professor.
Robert Crampton
Senior Research Scientist

Rob has a Ph.D. in Environmental Health and an M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington, and a B.S. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Albany.
Christy Wilkens
Manager Technical Content / Business Operations / Media Relations

Christy has a BA in Technical Journalism and Business Administration from Oregon State University with an Associates in Paralegal Studies. She currently writes and edits for Argos, and helps with media / marketing strategies.
John Gamiles
Business Manager

John has a BBA in Accounting and manages Argos Scientific's invoicing and financial books.
Kendra Howard
Senior Data Analyst

Kendra graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Environmental Science and Geography. She is currently analyzing data from the air monitoring equipment in various locations.
Shawn Smuts
Production Management / Field Technician

Shawn has a BA in Business Administration and Marketing. He is in charge of warehouse overhead and manages the equipment assembly.
Jennifer Lauman
Training Coordinator / Purchasing & Shipping

Jennifer is currently a college student majoring in business. She assists with Argos organization and sales.
Maria Jelusic
Purchasing/Shipping &
Administrative Asst.

Maria helps in the purchasing department and assists with organizing data and spreadsheets.
Donald King
Industrial Hygiene

Donny has a BS in Chemistry and Industrial Hygiene. He is responsible for promoting a healthy work environment and ensuring compliance with OSHA standards.
Jeff Howard
Field Technician / Production Assistant

Jeff currently tests our field equipment components and helps with production. He is pursuing a degree in robotics.
Dillon Buffi
Field Technician

Dillon's background includes an AA in math and science. He works in our California locations, helping maintain our systems.
Kaden Lauman
Graphics / Video Production
Grant Ravenscroft
Technical Manager
Argos South Africa

Grant works in operations management, software development & documentation, product development, and quality assurance. His degree is from Cape Technikon.
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