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Don Gamiles
Argos Scientific, Inc.

Dr. Gamiles has a BS, in Physics, an MS in Nuclear Engineering, and a PhD in Political Science. He has developed innovative ambient air monitoring systems and manufactured state-of-the-art open-path and portable air monitoring systems used by the chemical industry, regulators, and community organizations.
Mark Wicking-Baird
Managing Director
Argos South Africa

Mark has a BS in Chemical Engineering, an MS in Energy Engineering, and an
Executive MBA
Axel Abellard
Argos Scientific
North America

Axel has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering and an MBA from Berkeley. He currently oversees operations in our North American sector of the company.
Brent Olive
Senior Research Scientist

Brent has a Ph.D. in Environmental Health Science, an MSPH in Industrial Hygiene, and a B.S. in General Chemistry/Industrial Hygiene. He deals with QA/QC and routine analysis of real-time data generated by fence-line monitoring systems (UV and IR based) along with technical report writing. He is a Certified Industrial Hygienist, - ABIH and a Chemistry Professor.
Robert Crampton
Senior Research Scientist

Rob has a Ph.D. in Environmental Health and an M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Washington, and a B.S. in Atmospheric Science from the University of Albany.
Christy Wilkens
Manager Technical Content Strategy and Media Relations

Christy has a BA in Technical Journalism and Business Administration from Oregon State University with an Associates in Paralegal Studies. She currently writes and edits for Argos, and helps with media / marketing strategies.
John Gamiles
Business Manager

John has a BBA in Accounting and manages Argos Scientific's invoicing and financial books.
Kendra Howard
Data Analyst

Kendra graduated from Oregon State University with a BS in Environmental Science and Geography. She is currently analyzing data from the air monitoring equipment in various locations.
Shawn Smuts
Production Management

Shawn has a BA in Business Administration and Marketing. He is in charge of warehouse overhead and manages the equipment assembly.
Jennifer Lauman
Training Coordinator / Internal Purchasing

Jennifer is currently a college student majoring in graphic and web design. She assists with business organization and sales.
Maria Jelusic
Administrative Assistant

Maria assists with organizing data and spreadsheets.
Donald King
Industrial Hygiene

Donny has a BS in Chemistry and Industrial Hygiene. He is responsible for promoting a healthy work environment and ensuring compliance with OSHA standards.
Jeff Howard
Field Technician / Production Assistant

Jeff currently tests our field equipment components and helps with production. He is pursuing a degree in robotics.
Dillon Buffi
Field Technician

Dillon's background includes an AA in math and science. He works in our California locations, helping maintain our systems.
Kaden Lauman
Graphics / Video Production Intern
Grant Ravenscroft
Technical Manager
Argos South Africa

Grant works in operations management, software development & documentation, product development, and quality assurance. His degree is from Cape Technikon.
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