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Argos Scientific is an environmental and natural resource company with over 25 years experience. We specialize in air quality management, environmental permitting and compliance, leak detection and repair, ambient air monitoring and stack monitoring.

We serve both public and private clients who are faced with challenges that demand a multidisciplinary approach that delivers a practical solution to their problems.

The technical staff includes professionals from the oil and chemical industry, former regulatory specialists, environmental scientists, certified industrial hygienists and chemists.

Air Quality Management - Industrial Facilities and Processes

The ever expanding complexity of air quality issues presents a continual challenge for companies to strike a balance between regulatory compliance and the need to remain competitive. Argos' air quality professionals help our clients meet these challenges with cost-effective strategies to identify, characterize and permit air pollution sources and to pursue air quality regulatory compliance. Argos' Air Resources Group is staffed with professionals with experience in all aspects air quality management. Additionally, Argos' air quality scientists provide auditing and regulatory compliance expertise.

Air Quality Management - Community Health

Community Health Assessments are used to identify possible sources of environmental hazards such as toxic chemicals, particulate matter, and adverse physical conditions. Our integrated approach towards air sampling provides the most extensive set of measurements available. Argos is recognized in both public and private sectors for its innovative approaches to community health assessments, developing cost-effective strategies to assess the various risks, and effectively communicating this information to decision-makers and other affected groups. Our community involvement activities are specifically aimed at educating target audiences and community leaders, as well as preventing or resolving citizen conflict through communication.

Air Quality Management - Public Involvement

Argos has developed an expertise in working in environments where complex and multi-stakeholder issues are addressed which often involve high-conflict, low-trust situations. The issues are as complex as the human and natural systems from which they arise. Sometimes issues have been decades in the making and stakeholders feel a multi-generational investment in their positions. Argos works with all parties to help them understand each other, develop a shared frame of reference, and come to workable, consensus-based and sustainable solutions.

Air Quality Management - Litigation Support

Argos' professional staff includes many of the country's leading practitioners and experts in field of air quality measurement. We have many years of experience in providing strategy development and technical support for environmental litigation matters dealing with air quality. Credibility, technical knowledge, responsiveness, reputation based on depth of expertise, and attention to detail are the underpinnings of Argos' litigation support services. Argos' standard is to maintain and integrate an understanding of overarching issues in a legal matter while developing a technically sound and defensible work product.

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